Sunday, 20 October 2013

Arjuna; The Fish's Eye Story

Greetings Everyone!

Today I would like to share a small story that I was told by my Father as I was growing up and recently came across a pathway in life that made me remember the story.

This story comes from the Hindu epic of the Mahabharata. This story is about the Pandava Brother's. The five brother's known as Yudhisthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva.

The Pandava brother's were known as warriors. One day, their Archery Guru (Teacher) had a tied a wooden fish to a tree branch over some water. The Guru had told the Pandava Brother's that they must a aim at the Fish's eye with their bow and arrow but by only looking at the Fish's reflection from the water.

The eldest brother Yudhisthira goes first, before aiming with his bow and Arrow the Guru stopped him and asked him "Son what do you see?" Yudhisthira answers by saying " I see the Sky, I see the birds and the Fish."
The Guru asked Yudhisthira to go back. The Guru called upon the second son Bhima. Again the Guru asked "Son what do you see?" Bhima answers by saying, " I see the tree, the branches, the leaves and the fish." Once again the Guru told Bhima to step back. At last it was Arjuna's turn.
Arjuna steps forward positions himself with his bow and arrow, and the Guru asks "Son what do you see?" Arjuna responds by saying "The Eye." The Guru quickly tells Arjuna "Shoot my Son, Shoot."

The moral of this story is that the first two brothers were distracted by the other things that they saw in the water; they saw the sky, the birds, the trees the leaves, etc....But Arjuna was not distracted when he looked into the water all he saw was the Fish's Eye and that is how he aimed for his target.

In life often we get distracted by things that don't matter, remember to keep Your Eye on the Fish's Eye and nothing else. We need to stay focused on our goals with a pure consciousness.  As my Father always told me and still does, "Sania don't look at anything else, just look at the Eye of the fish, don't admire the fish, if the fish is what you want.!" Thanks Dad!!!

I hope you all enjoyed this story and perhaps some of you already know it!

Love. Peace. Harmony.
Dr. Sania A.

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